Way to go Robi!

Not only did my little sister send a comment yesterday but she’s the first to send a picture of her extra food and water and supplies in case of an emergency! Way to go! She texted it to me so I don’t have it here to post but it shows a small closet full of food, water and other necessities to hold her and Robert over for a few weeks or so. I’m really happy to see that and frankly wouldn’t have thought she’d be the first to send in a picture or even have put some stuff aside. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree or something like that since we’re brother and sister!

So this morning I’m off to the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs for a 9am meeting. I should be back by 11 at the latest which is good as we’re supposed to get some hard rain starting this afternoon that’ll last through tomorrow. Yesterday we had a few tornados out by the airport and it was pretty dark when I was leaving my meeting across town at 3pm. I did manage to sell $100,000 worth of our new chardonnay which could be a game changer, keep your fingers crossed.

Meanwhile Lori was working away at the office and the boys did some work around here. Jagger was particularly helpful cleaning up the house and finishing his workbook of math problems that is 108 pages long. I’m postponing his work session with his advanced math tutor until tomorrow and Thursday as I have this meeting this morning.

Here’s a scary one, two Americans have ebola in Africa and Liberia has closed its borders. It’s now in Lagos which is a city of 21 million. If, and it’s easily possible, it gets on a plane through an infected person, look the you know what out! Then everyone will be in danger as in our modern world, things like this can spread within days if not hours. Frankly I’m surprised nothing like this has happened before. Another good reason to be prepared.

Time to run as I need to get some coffee and get the samples together to drop off at my meeting. Have a great day and watch your top knot! God Bless.

(In the Old West, people would say “watch your top knot” to mean “be careful” because if you didn’t take care, Indians would scalp your top knot and kill you.)

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