Who’s where?

Let’s see, Jagger was off school at 10:45, Ty at 2:45, then Ty went to Vinny’s and Jag went to baseball, then Jag went up to Ethan’s in Genesse to spend the night, then I picked up Ty at 8pm. Today Jag will come home around 11am and Ty will leave at 2 to go camping with Vinny and his family, then tomorrow Ty will come home around noon, then we’re off to the goat farm where Lori wants to go and then we have a bbq at 2 up at some friends, on Monday Jagger has a birthday party at Daisy’s and Ty will be playing with, well I forget. Throw in another baseball practice and maybe a hot dog at grandma’s and we’re pretty busy.

Yesterday Jag and I went to lunch, I had my haircut and then we went to baseball from 4 to 6. It was a fun practice as the kids and adults (we helped) played kick ball to wrap it up. Jagger hit a bomb during practice that would have been a home run if during a game. Mom made it home around 6:30 and we grilled up a couple burgers and then I ran Jag up to Ethan’s as I said earlier. That was about it, Happy Memorial Day, God Bless.

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