Wouldn’t you know it

Well last night Lorenzo and I headed down to the World famous Broadmoor Resort where we, or should I say he, entertained about 100 people. I of course was along to meet the Vice President of the resort who recently came from 22 years at the Greenbriar. I also schmoozed with the other people I needed to know like chefs, restaurant managers, and Bucky, the wine buyer. It was a great night with fantastic food, wine and company. I did meet one older man who is a small banker in the Springs for 30 years. He knew who my dad was and has insisted he host Lori and I for a lunch at the Broadmoor in the future.

Meanwhile Jag was at his baseball game and wouldn’t you know it, was sent in as pitcher! I didn’t expect this as he only had about 20 minutes of pitching practice in his whole life! I was texting back and forth with Mom getting the play by play. One strike, two balls and on it went. Soon it was “he struck him out!” Then “he caught a ball hit back at the mound and threw the guy out at first”, then “he hit a double and had an rbi”, all while I was not there. Mom said he was nervous and might have been more nervous had I been there so at least he had his debut and now he’ll be more comfortable in his next game this Friday. Mom and I sure are proud of him. He could be the next Randy Johnson who was a Hall of Fame big league pitcher who was 6 feet 10 inches tall!

Today I’m taking Lorenzo back to my favorite traditional archery shop. We have one of the best in the country right here 10 minutes from home. Lorenzo had mentioned how he’s always really wanted to get into it and learn the skill after he saw Jagger shooting arrows in the backyard over the weekend. You see it’s very difficult to own a gun in Italy and he, and all other wine makers, have a wild boar problem. They (the boars) eat about 1/3 of the crop of grapes each year and he figures with a bow, he can reduce that substantially. Plus he wants to acquire a new skill set. Now of course when I heard this, I was super excited so I called Tommy, the owner of the shop, and took him straight over yesterday morning after my work calls. He had about an hour of personal instruction and as Tommy said, was a quick learner. They have an indoor ranger and he was put through the works shooting various bows and learning all the proper steps and technique. He was thrilled and I’m sure will be sore today. Anyhow this morning he’ll shoot a few more and is then going to buy a couple bows. He’ll send one straight to Italy with a couple dozen custom made arrows (you have to buy the ones that fit your draw length) and then a second to take back to New York. He’s all excited and so am I for him as it’s great to see someone take an interest in one of the great arts. You see traditional archery has been around since the dawn of civilization. This afternoon he and the boys and I will shoot in the back yard when they get home.

Well time to go, lots to do, laundry, clean the kitchen, etc. Hope everyone is well, God Bless

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