Good riddance

Today we get to say goodbye to 2013. In some ways it was a good year, the Broncos and 49’rs are doing great, Lori’s surgery went well, work is going well, but in many other ways, it just seemed kind of off. Lots of us had some sort of health issue, some we’re still dealing with, the headway we made as a family on bills hit the wall and in some cases, even reversed, and many other little things like stuff breaking around the house and medical costs and taxes going up. Throw in many of our rights as being eroded and it was at best a toss up year. The good thing about time is tomorrow is always a fresh start, and tomorrow is the quintessential fresh start for all of us that comes once a year!

Most of us don’t measure time in hours or weeks or days but rather by events or things we remember. Things like Jag making a double play in baseball or Ty standing up for some kids that were getting bullied at school or a vacation or even small things like us going to the Stock Show rodeo last January, or a holiday, party or bbq and on and on. The point is to get up and get out there and do something you’ll remember!

Most people also set some sort of New Years resolution. It might be quitting smoking or losing weight (two of the most popular) or in our case, our never ending quest of eliminating debt. But this year I want to challenge everyone to set a resolution or goal that’s a little different. Think of doing something you always wanted to do and set a goal to do it. Uncle T was a great example of this last year when he decided he was going to learn piano, and boy, he did. Granda Dixie and I were talking yesterday and she was saying how much she misses Oklahoma, well Dix, you need to go! Sure they’ll be challenges like Pa Don making the trip but like they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way! My sister Robin and I were talking saying this year no one should buy anyone any presents for Christmas and we should all go to Hawaii instead. Our challenge was how to convince our Mom to get on a plane. So, I think you get my point, think about it today and decide what you’d like to do, learn a language, take a trip, learn a new skill, anything, but make a point of setting yourself a goal of something you really would like to do but never thought you could. I’ll bet you’ll surprise yourself as like my Mom, (whose pretty darn smart), used to always say, you can do anything you want to do, if you want it bad enough.

We’re super excited for 2014, mostly because we get to leave 2013 and all it’s troubles behind. Plus there’s just something about the year “13” that never quite sounded right. Hope you are too!

Yesterday we had some sort of snafu with Kristin’s flight. It was somehow changed by a computer glitch and we had to scramble to get her on a 6pm flight. In the end, all was well and she made it home. Before she left, Lori, her and the boys went to see the new Hobbit movie which I’m told was really good. It was really nice to have her here and she had a great time too. Her and Lori are working on Lori’s big 50th birthday plans as it’s coming up this year! Mark it down now (May 4th) as it should be quite the party!

Lacey our poor lab is really struggling. Her legs are giving out on her so we have to lift her up from time to time to get her on her feet. We’re trying to get her into the vet to see what we can do. I’ve stopped getting upset about getting up in the middle of the night and just do it, as does Lori, as she’s our dog. Hopefully she’ll be ok for a while. We’ve been giving her ibuprofen and Benedryl which seems to help. Mojo of course is his usual playful self.

This evening we’ll just be staying home, laying low. As I said before, we never go out on New Years. I’ll call my Mom and see if she wants me to get her some herring as she always eats some on New Years. Anyone else have any traditions? If so, let’s hear them. Well that’s about it for me, we hope everyone is well and remember there’s always tomorrow, so let’s all cowboy up and hit the new year with vigor and gusto head on! The other option is to just limp on in which I wouldn’t recommend!

Take care and God Bless.

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