Slept in

Yesterday we mandated that Lori stay on the couch all day long and wear her collar. Not only did she comply with the instructions, we also had her go to bed before 6pm. She slept until a bit after 7am and is feeling good. On top of that, she ate really well yesterday. She had oatmeal, cookies, ice cream, paella and some other goodies. Hopefully she gained a pound or two! I also ate just about everything in sight as that’s what you do the day after a big party, plus I wanted to support my wife!

Late afternoon is started to snow outside. It’s so cold that it was a nice powdery snow that I used a broom on this morning to sweep off the sidewalk. The boys played a bunch and then Ben’s mom took them all to lunch. Today I need to get the boys a few things so I think I’ll run and try to get to the mall before the rest of the hordes do.

Not much time left, better get your house in order. Be watching for deliveries from Santa or the delivery person. A quick health update, Uncle T is now sick along with Aunt Ali so who knows, it might just be my Mom and us for dinner. Take care, God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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