Cold and snowy

It’s doesn’t look like the snow will be that deep but it’s icy and cold outside right now at 5:41. They say it’s about 14 degrees and when I used my broom (brooms work as good as shovels if not better for just a few inches) only the top layer came off and a layer of ice was underneath. I was of course out in my boxers and flip flops. The snow needs to be about 6 inches deep or more before I switch to boots! It’ll be cold all day and then dip to the teens or even single digits tonight.

Last night Ty had a basketball game and it started out with him winning the jump ball. He played great all night and had the task of guarding the largest guy on the other team. At one point her ran by me and said “Dad, number 50 just flipped me off”. We were of course astonished and laughing at the same time. The game is pretty rough for 10 year olds with lots of kids hitting the ground. Near the end Ty and the large kid both went down and the large kid rolled right over the top of Ty when getting up. Ty just smiled and got up and ran down the court. We ended up winning something like 24 to 4.

Today we have lots to do to get ready to leave for Vail tomorrow. I won’t go into it all but we’re jam packed all day long. Lori is excited but nervous at the same time as she should be. They said yesterday her headache should be gone instantly but then added she’ll be hurting just about every where else! I think she’ll take it as long as the headache is finally gone.

I just woke Jag as he has inter-murals outside this morning. He’s all excited as he gets to wear his new gloves, whoo hoo! Guess I’ll run, I will post in the morning and then take the computer with me so I can check emails and post Saturday morning but will call everyone tomorrow night to update you on the misses. We need everyone to say a prayer for her that everything will go well and that this painful chapter of her life will finally be over!

Take care and God Bless


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