A long day

Especially for the misses, the long day that is. She left around 1pm and was home after 7:30. In the morning we all cleaned up the house, the oldest and I then ran an errand or two and then she took off for her event complete with a video shoot featuring 6 or 8 former patients giving testimonials for the practice.

The boys and I ran downtown to get our dry cleaning, hit the grocery store and later went to Costco. We made it back around 4:30. As soon as we arrived home the kids were bugging me non stop to go through a big container my buddy Matt gave me yesterday as he cleaned out his house and garage before being gone for the next 6 months. Matt was in the Navy, he was a medic and in special ops and put together a huge plastic container full old uniforms, packs, pouches and assorted gear as this morning he’s driving to Georgia for a 6 month training program to become a Homeland Security agent. You may remember him as he’s also my hunting buddy and cooks great bbq. We’ll next see him mid December.

Anyhow the kids we outside playing Army dressed up in all sorts of gear. They seemed to love the camo hats the most and wore them all night.

We have at least 12 fires burning in the State. Smoke blows in and out of town depending on the wind. It’s awful early and hot for so many fires to be burning. Hope we get some rain soon.

Lucky we went to Costco as we were all out of coffee. We bought 20 plus pounds, ( you know me, I like to stock up!) some extra tin foil (always good to have on hand) and a case of Ziplocs, so it was a quick trip. I think I’m going to try to clean out the basement this weekend although we have lots going on.

Tomorrow we have a double header (meaning two) baseball games and then a bbq as it’s the end of the season. Our friends from Encampment Wyoming, who now live in Ft Collins, are at the Jefferson Country Fairgrounds as Chere is a professional barrel racer and it’s rodeo season. She’ll compete tomorrow and then go to Breckenridge for a rodeo Sunday morning at 9am and then try to hurry back to compete again in the afternoon here. They sleep in their massive horse trailer which has bunks and go from rodeo to rodeo all summer. She can win a few thousand at a time and that’s her income. Rex her husband, used to rodeo but now has bad knees and has been making saddles for cowboys for 20 years, he made ours last year too! Also the best Western Show of the year is in Denver this weekend. It starts at 2pm today and ends Sunday night with a big auction. Last year the only known photo of Billy the Kid (an old tin type photo) sold for $4 million! We have friends that come to town each year and exhibit and we always go so we’ll be there too.

Here’s a comment from Grandma Eleanor,

Eleanor Tafoya says:

Thank you for the heads up, I am concerned about our paper money, and our economy and our gold and such ,right now I am more worried about our love ones , keep me informed, thank you again, and bless you for your time and info .

You’re very welcome and thanks for reading. I know some here tire of reading some of my musings but that’s what you get to do when you’re the guy writing! I guess I’ll give you a break today as I could go into the economy yesterday (what a crash!), the 200 plus sickened in Yellowstone from norovirus, numerous food recalls, all the car and house burglaries (summer is the season) and more, but I won’t. Just be sure to wash your hands and vegetables and keep your cars and doors locked! There, how’s that?

Everyone is still sleeping so I’m off to the gym. I’ve been trying to get a minimum of 30 minutes each day on the bike to build my knee back up and get back in shape. It doesn’t take long for your muscles to go into atrophy, especially when you get up there in age, although I’m not talking about me, just those old people!

Take care and God Bless, stay safe and have a great weekend.

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