First day of Summer

Here we go, summer on! Get ready for all the festivities. Yesterday Mom picked the boys up with their exemplary report cards at 12:15 and went straight over to the last day of school party at the Chalkers. You may remember (as they do it every year) they have a huge party with a dunk tank, jumpy castles, all kinds of games and food and a margarita machine for the adults, every year. It’s become an annual right of passage to summer. The kids stayed until around 4pm as the oldest had baseball practice.

Earlier in the day I took my truck downtown to get a bedliner sprayed in and the misses picked me up so we could stop into the Ritz Carlton to get things ready for next week. She then was busy preparing teacher gifts for about 7 or 8 of them which was confusing to me as each boy only had 1 teacher. I guess I forgot the gym, music, and art teachers as well as the Principal, and assorted secretaries and the teachers the misses wants the boys to have next year! Anyhow she has it all figured out.

When I picked up the oldest from baseball, one of the other kids parents (who is also a coach) followed me home as I offered them some wine for their camping trip which they’re going on today. They ended up staying 2 hours visiting which was nice but unexpected and a little long.

Today I have PT (physical therapy) which I need as my knee has been swollen since I drove to the doctor in Vail. The misses too has a lot going on but I can’t remember what all she’s doing, same with the boys.

Tomorrow is June 1st, hard to believe. We’re jammed all next week, (actually for the next 6 weeks)  and then in Aspen the week after that and then off until July 4th and 5th when we’re back in Aspen. After that we’re going to try to go camping and we’ll also be running a mile of fence up at the ranch, so yes it’s already a busy busy summer.

Time to go, yesterday the internet was down so that’s why no blog until late in the day when Grandpa Bob called to make sure everything was okay.  We are glad you are reading Grandpa Bob and Eleanor.

Take care

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