After a long busy day, we finally left Vail around 6 pm for Aspen. This wasn’t good as we were supposed to be at our Italian Garden Party at 6! Long story short, Lori couldn’t get out of work. Oh well, we decided we’d stop by in the next day or two.

We pulled into Aspen and found our place right away. It’s nice and within walking distance of everything in town, and it’s free! We took off right away for dinner and walked into Clarks. They’re booked weeks or longer in advance but we lucked out as they had a cancellation right when we walked in. We had a nice dinner and finished around 9. The boys then walked back to our condo and Lori and I headed to the Silver City Saloon where some kids (in their 30’s) were having their record release party. Ward our friend greeted us and had a table reserved for us. Soon the band started with Chris playing with a couple of guys from the Wallflowers. We stayed for about 3 or 4 songs and then headed out. We decided to hit City Market for food and supplies. When we were leaving, our friend Bobby, who hosts the garden party, texted and said to please come over to say hi. Reluctantly, we headed that way.

As soon as I turned right on to the road to their place, Lori yelled “bear”! Sure enough, right in front of us was a huge bear walking across the road. Lori said “stop” so I did and we watched him walk up to the door of a house and try the handle! We watched him for a while and Lori took a few pictures and then we headed to Bobby’s.

When we arrived there were about a dozen people around the table out back. Now Bobby and Patty are really wealthy but I think Patty’s cousin who was there owns the famous King Ranch in Texas. Patty gave a speech and then Bobby chimed in saying how Lori saved his life. He was kind to then say that I too was such a big part of helping him get well as we drove over a number of times during his recovery. Patty tearfully told the whole group we were their angels. Very nice and sort of embaressing.

Soon some people including Patty’s 90 year old mother from Dallas went inside and Bobby and his best friend Mike, who we also know, were all over getting Jagger to visit and go to Baylor where they both went and were baseball coaches. Bobby asked me what it’d take and I jokingly said for him to pay the tuition to which Bobby said “we can probably work something out”. This isn’t as far fetched as you might think as like I said, they’re really well off. Lori was admiring the hydrangeas and we found out Patty just spent $65,000 flying them in! Who are these people? Honestly they’re super nice, down to earth, regular folks. Well to be fair, Patty is a bit over the top. At 11;30 we left but he made us promise to bring the boys by tomorrow at 4 so we’ll be back.

That’s it, the bear was super cool! God Bless.

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