What a day

Where to start, the roads were not as bad as we thought as we made it to Tom’s in a little over 2 hours. Jagger was 15 minutes late meeting us there, which we expected so no surprise. Ty though, didn’t answer his phone from 7:30 until 8:40 when we were outside his building. Can you say major stress! Lori and Jagger went in and had the dorm people knock on his door, still no answer. Finally two minutes before we were leaving him in Denver, he answered. Apparently he slept through the alarm which also is no surprise. So, around 8:50, we were all off to the airport.

Upon arrival at the airport, I headed to valet parking only to find out there is no more valet parking! So with the new airport traffic patterns, I had to drive out of the airport to get back in. Lori and I had pre-check but since the boys passports expired they didn’t. We went through our lanes and they headed to the other end of the airport where the lines were shorter. A few minutes later we got a call saying they wouldn’t let Ty through as he didn’t have an id! His wallet was stolen a month or two ago and his new license hasn’t yet arrived. He does have the Colorado App on his phone which is a picture of his drivers license so that helped a bit. He finally managed to get through with that and his school id and insurance card, whew. We all met up and made it to the gate only to have them move the gate. I can hear Tommy saying this is why I don’t go anywhere, ha! The flight was fine as we upgraded to First Class.

We landed, took the train to our rental car and headed out to Scottsdale. We stopped at AJ’s Fine Foods on Lincoln where Mom and Dad always shopped. The same Sinclair station was in the parking lot where I took their car many a time. Finally we made it to the hotel. We had to wait an hour or so for our room to be ready and then once in, unpacked and settled in.

The hotel grounds are nice and the weather is awesome but the rooms are a bit dated for what they charge. Still, we’re really happy to be here together as a family.

At 6am this morning we were jarred awake by the intercom throughout the whole hotel saying, PLEASE PROCEED TO THE NEAREST EXIT. It was some sort of fire alarm that went off and everyone was in the hall. I called the front desk as soon as it went off not really believing it and it turned out to be a false alarm. Lori met Jagger in the hall and I asked if Ty slept through it! Guess that woke him up too as it was loud. Ok, Tommy, stop laughing!

We’re drinking coffee now and headed to the gym. Robi, I’ll be calling soon wondering if we can do a load of laundry this morning as Ty I think packed all dirty clothes, ha. If not, we’ll find a laundry mat somewhere t as the hotel doesn’t have one.

Scottsdale is great! We drove to Paradise Valley, like Tatum and Shea as my sweet wife found me some rare cigars at a cool cigar place for our anniversary. They also had a Whole Foods there we stopped at. Meanwhile Jagger was taking is final from 6 to 8 pm. It’s so beautiful out our window right now with the morning haze above the mountains in the distance. We do have a great view and nice balcony. We were thinking of buying a winter place in Florida but might just have to get one here instead. Florida is too crowded and too far and has the ocean, while this is closer, but has water issues and no ocean. We’re getting something somewhere as we’re over the long snowy winters. Looks like we’re turning into our parents after all.

Today is shopping, laundry somewhere, and then dinner and fun with Robi and Robert! Can’t wait to hang with them. That’s another big plus for Arizona, they are here, plus I think I could get Tommy to come down if we had a place. You’d love it Tom, we could golf in our senior years, ha!

Time to go, have a great day, on to the adventure! Seems like we’ve been here a week already! God Bless.

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