Wind before the storm

Man it was windy last night. Hope Lori gets home before it dumps at the tunnel and on the pass. She had a good dinner from what I know. Good for the team to get together outside of the office. I’m headed to the gym at 6:30 which is in about 25 minutes.

Ty cleaned his room really well and then went to the gym and then played poker for fun (no money) with some buddies. He’s off all week. Jag and Lori had a late lunch and went grocery shopping before her dinner.

Looks like the Canadian citizens want Trudeau gone. Not hard to reason why. He turned into a dictator on a dime. If they boot him out, he has Sleepy Joe to thank as he followed his instructions to the letter. Good riddance, Biden next if we’re lucky. Problem then is Kamala would be next in line and then don’t put it past the Dems to put someone like Hillary in as VP. I mean really, who do they have, Kamala, worthless, Hillary, a crook, Pelosi, no need to explain. They are a party full of useless incompetent has-beens’. They went all in on total control and the woke culture not realizing everyday Americans would push back. The tide is turning. God willing it will continue. That’s it, get ready for a snowy cold week if you’re in Colorado! God Bless.

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