Sleeping in

7:30, just waking up. Sort of dark and gloomy outside with a rain snow mix. Lori is still sleeping. Ty was out until around midnight and is also sleeping. Doesn’t look like a good day for the mountain. Not long until the 17th when Ty turns 18, wow.

Lots of snow to shovel. It keeps sliding off the roof and yesterday I shoveled off the upstairs balcony and now have to shovel it out of the driveway where I threw it. No tv still so I’ll be missing football today. I was going to maybe drive to Tommy’s but this weather is kind of ugly as I said.

I was in Denver yesterday returning some stuff and going to the bank as we’re working on refinancing the house. Roads were fine but don’t really feel like making the drive again. Time to get moving so I can get to the gym. Enjoy the weekend, God Bless.

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