As advertised

Jag made it to school, I had my call and Lori had her second shot. As predicted, she had a 101.8 fever last night, the chills and a headache. Not sure what it is this morning. This is what we expected. I don’t know of any vaccine in my life that makes you this sick. They say it’s normal but what else are they going to say.

When she went to get her shot she was in line with hundreds of Mexican people in their 30’s and 40’s using passports for identification. When she questioned how and why all these people could get the shot, someone told her their from housekeeping. Lori said “that’s funny, I’ve never seen any cleaners in Gucci snow boots with Louis Vuitton purses”! Lots of couples too. People cheat, always have, always will. I called Channel 7 News in Denver and told them, ha.

I’m off to Denver to go to the bank to sign some papers. Should be back by mid afternoon. I had another chiropractor appointment to move my neck around. This shit is getting old but I’m almost all better.

Time to get moving, have a good weekend and stay warm as it’s freezing cold in most of the Country, God Bless.

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