Hold on

Yesterday was pretty normal around here with work and cleaning and dogs. However back east, in D.C., things were a little bit different. After a pro Trump rally, apparently the crowd stormed the Capital where they were counting the votes. Now it doesn’t matter who did this or why, it was wrong. Just as the rioters all summer long burned down Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland and countless other cities, this too is wrong. It’s not hard to see why though as half the Country is frustrated. That however is no excuse. Anyone they can find needs to be prosecuted. All this does is give those in power the excuse to take away more of our rights. The Washington Post even has an article saying facial recognition shows some rioters were Antifa members mixed in among the crowd. Who knows if true, we never will. Nice. One thing is for sure, the news will inflame tensions and use this for days to blame all republicans. I say throw them all in jail. This isn’t some third World country, this is America. As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, right?

Today I’m off to Denver for a quick turn then tonight we’re going to the Venerable’s for dinner. Lori had a long day at work. Ty has in person school and Jag is working out at 8 am. Lori gets to work from home. Nice day here yesterday.

Hope you all are well, don’t get caught up in the crap going on on your tv. It’s not real America. 99.99% of American’s are just like you and me. We want a good life, are kind, caring and willing to help others. Someone standing next to you could be close to falling apart. Show a little kindness and as Mom used to say, make your mother proud! Don’t all into the trap and be divided. Enough already. God Bless!

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