4 hours

Today from 10 to 2 I’m on a planning call. I hate long calls but would rather knock it out in one day instead of two. Lori is in Vail today and the boys are home with me. Ty’s first day back to school is tomorrow and Jag’s is the 14th I think.

Lori has a chance to get the vaccine but I think is going to pass. She’s on the fence. I have to wait as I don’t have a choice this early in the game. Personally I would probably not get it right now as nationwide over 1000 people have been sent to the ER with complications. To be fair, about 4 million people have had it but still, what’s the hurry if you’re healthy. If I had some illness that put me more at risk I’d probably get it.

Both democrats could win the runoff in Georgia. This is not good but Obama also had the House and the Senate for two years and we survived. Socialism will run rampant though. Taxes will go up, medical care will suffer and more of your rights will be taken away. Prepare now.

For us, we’re riding things out here close to home. No travel for the near future and pretty much staying away from large gatherings and Denver. Of course we have been doing this for some time anyhow so not much has changed. We’re most worried about finances due to new regulation and taxes going up. But we will all survive. Life will go on. Sad that all these career politicians can’t seem to work together.

Time to get moving, hope everyone is doing well, mentally and physically. Our elk mounts are done and being shipped to us in a few days! Can’t wait to get mine here, God Bless.

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