A little snow

Today we’re supposed to see a little of the white stuff. We’ll see. Lori is in Edwards while the boys and I are home. I took Ty to school yesterday only to arrive and find out it was a teacher planning day. Lucky for him he called me as I was 2 minutes away so I could go back and get him.

We had a window guy up from Denver yesterday who fixed some trim on the windows at the front door. He’s coming back Thursday to install some thicker weather stripping on our slider doors. Slowly we’re getting everything around here fixed. Sure takes time with a brand new home.

The World is still bat shit crazy. Is covid super deadly or not? Should you get the vaccine or not? Are the dems stealing the elections or not? On and on it goes. If there was ever a time to think for yourself and hunker down, now is it. We’re just sitting back and watching the shit show unfold. Thank God we live up in the mountains. I do hope the dems don’t steal the two elections in Georgia today. You can’t give the dems and old man Joe total control over the Country. I’d say the same if republicans were in power, there should always be checks and balances.

Guess I’ll run and head to the gym. It was a good first work day of 2021. I accomplished some goods things but I’ve only just begun! Look out World, ha! God Bless.

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