A New Beginning

After days of work Lori went to a team meeting at the hospital with Dr. Gill, the surgeon moving here to take over for Dr. C. He’s a brilliant man who will run circles around Dr. C. Lori has been working with him for a while and if he has the option to build his own team I’m sure Lori would be his first choice. The big question is does she want to go back to all the drama. She did tell him if she comes back she’d make changes to the current team, otherwise she’s not interested. It’s funny as when you know you’ve left someplace, all of a sudden it’s easy to be candid and direct about everything. Dr. Gill really appreciated Lori’s honesty.

Meanwhile I worked all day trying to get financial aid for Ty to go to Vail Christian High School. It’s the other private school in the valley and in many people’s opinion, much better than VMS. They know us and want Ty so we’ll see what happens.

I also drove our 65″ tv down to the house. We need to find a fireplace mantle for the front room as the metal beam we were going to use is just too much metal with the fireplace wrapped in steel. We’ll find a nice piece of wood or an old beam somewhere.

So today all the pressure is off Lori. She feels like a huge weight is off her shoulders and the clinic is already having issues and missing her. As each day goes by they’ll understand more and more just how important she was. There’s a competing medical group that has an opening for a Practice Manager of the neuro group but it’s in Frisco which would be an hour drive each way each day. She’s going to check it out anyhow.

We were going to a bbq at Luca’s tonight but James, Marty and I decided to opt out once we learned yesterday that Luca had invited about 20 people. Without knowing these people and their social distancing or travel habits we decided we just were not comfortable going with all the people coming to the mountains that might have the virus. Plus Luca goes everywhere. We’re going to bbq at Marty’s tomorrow.

Lori is powering up her new laptop. Her phone number is going to change too as I guess the clinic now gets her old number as she sort of gave it to them 5 years ago when they started paying for her bill. We didn’t know this but no big deal. For the next month if you call her number and she doesn’t answer, the message will tell you her new number. She’ll also be texting everyone her number.

Time to drink my coffee so we can go to the gym. Happy 4th of July! Hope you have big bbq plans. I remember always having a fun time as a kid on the 4th. Tom and Robi, remember at Lake George when the whole bag of fireworks blew up on the dock when we were kids? Fun times. God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Yep I remember Lake George well! I was talking yesterday how things have changed so much since dad use to take us kids down the street to I think it was called Big Top and give us each money to get our own fireworks. Those sure were the good ole days! happy safe 4th to all!

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