Here we go, again

Pressure’s on. At work, school and for me to figure out how to fix Lori’s neck. Everyone is moving slow, or not moving at all if you’re a teenager. Hard to get back in the groove.

Yesterday we cleaned and cleaned until about 1:30. Around an hour later Zoe showed up and hung out with Ty until 6:30 when Jag and Ty took her home. Then they headed to Lexi’s house and Lori and I met them there for some chili. They’re super nice people and Lexi and Jag are best friends. We made it home around 10.

There’s so much each of us have going on this week it’d take too long to explain. Lori did get her reservations, three total trips in all, two go get Dixie and then get her back home. One roundtrip for Dixie. More on that in a week or so.

Time to go, have a great day. Here’s some fun pics. First one is my arm in Lori’s pants! Either her pants are really small or my arm is really big. Probably a little bit of both.

Next up is some bighorn sheep that hang out by the school licking some salt of the road.

God Bless.

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