Clean sheets

Nothing like clean sheets. We’d like them everyday but that’s not going to happen. I did clean a bunch yesterday though and one of the things I did was wash the sheets. Ty rearranged his room and cleaned pretty well. Jag did some cleaning too in between soccer practices. I focused on the kitchen, laundry and our bedroom.

The dogs are happy and home. Ty went bowling in Eagle to a sort of going away party for a friend going off to CU tomorrow. He has Deb (his tutor) this morning and then mountain bike practice tonight. I’m off to Denver for a couple meetings and need to pick up some wine for Al’s mom’s service this Saturday.

The big news of the day is grandma Dixie is coming to visit. Lori leaves tomorrow for California and will fly back with her on Saturday. Dixie will then be here for a week and Lori will then fly her back to California on the 24th. I’m gone the 20th and 21st in Seattle.

It’s suppose to be drier this week but has been a wet year. Wonder what kind of winter it’ll be. Time to get the boys moving and myself too. Lori is already in the shower. It’ll be September before we know it. Then it’s all downhill to 2020. Sounds weird huh, 2020!

Have a great day, be safe, watch your back and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Just FYI, Auntie Dee will be 95 on August 20th!

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