Time to clean

Today I have some major cleaning to do. Not only at the house but also in the Company. We’re really close to wrapping up our strategic investment from the Germans and I have some day to day things in various territories that need some cleaning so to speak.

Jag made it to Steamboat. That’s the longest drive he’s had so far and I think he hit weather. Ty did some work and went to the skatepark yesterday too. He shares with us which kids are smoking weed and who’s drinking and more. It seems in his grade lots of kids are in that experimental stage with some drinking vodka and others doing other things. He seems to be avoiding all this thankfully. Good for him.

More rain and the humidity is high. This is not a typical Colorado summer. Lots of bugs too. This morning Ty has Deb for 90 minutes and I’ll go to the gym while Lori has clinic.

Politically things are crazy. Everyone is grasping for solutions, whether good or bad as when things like shootings happen the media blows it out of proportion. For example, every democrat is calling Trump a white supremacist and blaming him for the shootings and whites in general yet according to the FBI the deaths or shootings attributed to white supremacy is less than .000017 for a total of 17 incidents out of over 400,000 annually. Then you have people like Biden using worse language than Trump and doing the same thing he accuses Trump of doing but I guess if a Dem does it it’s ok.

Also we had a stabbing killing four people in Los Angeles California overnight, guess we’d better ban knives. It was a Latino who killed four Latinos and I guess that doesn’t fit the media’s narrative much so we probably won’t hear much about it. What a fucked up Country. Remember all great civilizations throughout history survive an average of 300 years. Guess this is all just part of the course. Time to get off all social media too. For me, I’ll start with limiting comments that have anything to do with anything other than family.

Here’s a quote for you,

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”  – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

That’s it, time to run, have a great day and God Bless.

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