Piano? Gone.

All went well and the piano is gone to a good home. Think we netted like $2K but friends I know had to give theirs away. James went up and so did Tom (to collect the loot) so I didn’t have to drive down. Both boys had their physicals for sports at 9 so it helped a lot not having to drive down.

Next up was breakfast at the Four Seasons and then Lori and I headed down to the home site and then stopped at a few places to look at flooring. We have some samples on the floor here now trying to decide which color wood to go with.

Then the four of us went to the Westin to go to the pool for a couple hours before dinner at Spelndido. Dinner was at 5:30 so we were home at 7:30, stuffed and tired.

So, what’s with all the shootings? First El Paso yesterday then Dayton Ohio last night. The media and Dems will play this up big time wanting more gun control but more people are killed in many other ways each day (think drunk drivers) but it’s still disturbing and not right. I’m one of those responsible gun owners like most gun owners are and don’t object to reasonable restrictions. Just not sure how to solve it but the Universal Background check thing doesn’t bother me as I go through one every time I purchase a firearm. Problem is if someone is intent on getting a gun and shooting up some place, no law will stop that. Sadly I feel it’s necessary to be armed these days, especially when going to Denver. Up here I’m a little more relaxed. The news is even advertising bullet proof backpacks. What a World these days. By the way, guns have always been around and decades ago were easier to get and we had a lot less (hardly any) shootings. Does this tell you anything? Like maybe it’s something else? Like just maybe video games, violence on tv and in music and social media? Think about it. When I was a kid people had guns on a rack in the back of their pickups everywhere. Imagine that nowadays, people would freak out. We need to get to the root of the problem and it’s not the gun people.

Mojo hasn’t eaten in two days even though I had him checked out last week. He’s like 13 and getting old. Somethings up with him. On top of that Harley woke me to go out at 5 am and barely made it out the door before having to go and had a bloody stool so she’ll be going in today, ugh. It never stops.

My coffee tasted funny this morning so after drinking a third of a cup I went to smell the cream and sure enough, it had turned, yuck. I poured it out and made myself another cup. Sour milk or cream is no good.

Today we’ll take it easy. Tomorrow morning I have a couple hours of training in Idaho Springs and next weekend the Stones are coming! Emma is home (landed at DIA last night) as she’s been in the Bahama’s for 10 days. I’m sure her and Jag will be getting together today.

Here’s some pictures of the foundation going up, note the four walls in one area (middle and bottom photo) which is my secure vault that I’m putting in to keep things locked up and also use as a safe room. Check out our views behind the dirt. It’s pretty exciting and overwhelming at the same time to build a house. Lots to do. Have a great day, God Bless.

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