Fun in the sun

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity with us going strong until about 10 at night. We started out in Lahaina for breakfast and then bought the boys some flip flops. Then it was a quick trip back to the villa before taking Lori to our friends house where she and two ladies hung out for the day. I went to pick her up around 3 and when I arrived, her and Monica were way out in the ocean on stand up paddle boards. Francesca and I waited by the pool (they have a salt water pool, very cool) for the girls to work their way back in. Lori cut her foot on rocks or coral when coming in but should be ok. We then rushed back so Lori could change and then I dropped her to meet the ladies as they were off to the fun little town of Paia for some shopping and dinner. Meanwhile I left Jag at the hair salon where I had got a haircut as they put some light blond highlights in his hair. He and Ty were going to put lemons in their hair to lighten it in the sun but I had Nicole (who cuts my hair here) just comb through some subtle higlights. Ty is getting his done this morning, ha.

Meanwhile Ty was blowing up a giant pinapple floaty and headed to the ocean. He saw a whale breach so they’re starting to arrive. Then after watching the Green Bay Packers blow a lead, the three of us headed to Star Noodle for dinner. We have reservations there I think tomorrow but they take walk ins if you wait. We ended up waiting 45 minutes but it’s worth it. I then dropped Ty at home and Jag and I headed back to our friends house to pick up Lori. The three of us made it home a bit after 10. Lori and I both said we ate about a weeks worth of food yesterday. Tonight we have a reservation at one of the islands best places down near Wailea. We’ll get some sun during the day.

I have a conference call at 7:30 and then at 8 and then I should be done. Lor found a new bikini yesterday which looks great on her. The humidity is nice as no dry skin here. Here’s a comment from Robi, thanks for sharing.

Robi says:

Oh man, my skin never looked and felt better than when in Hawaii. Shelly and Richard had their rehearsal dinner there. I think Ray, Richard’s twin worked there at the time. I remember the fat chef, as dad called him lol, came out and told us it was time to leave and dad was – not exact quote but pretty close – “you god damn fat son of a bitch, we will leave when we are god damn ready”! Got to love it! Anyhoo, have a great time and be careful of the waves, Robert’s neck is still sprained!

Too funny the things we remember in life. Hope everyone is well, take care and GB.


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