Well we made it to Maui around 1 in the afternoon. The flight wasn’t bad at all (of course First Class helps) but they didn’t have tv’s as some planes just want you to use your hand held devices like phones or computers. Lori watched movies but Ty and I and Jag couldn’t get ours to play, ugh. Anyhow the boys slept some as they were tired and I did some work.

After landing it was straight o Costco for $400 worth of provisions. Then off to our villa. The last time we were here we didn’t really have an “ocean view” villa and actually had to have the hotel move us 3 days into our stay. So this time, after emailing the General Manager a few weeks ago, and being a Platnium Starwood guy, we ended up with about the nicest two bedroom on the property. They even had gifts for us and food and drinks and a personal note from the property GM in ur room waiting for us welcoming us back, yeah!

The boys went straight to the pool as they had changed in the airport into their swimsuits. Lori and I, after unpacking, managed to get about 30 minutes of sun before we all walked next door for dinner. We could have just gone to sleep but Jag was starving which he is about every hour. After dinner, about 7:30, we went to bed. We woke up at 5 which is I think 9 am Denver time and we’re drinking Kona coffee. Too bad we missed Robi by a few weeks. it would have been fun to see her here. Here’s her comment from yesterday,

Robi says:

Have safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving. So very thankful you all are my family!

That’s nice and would make Mom happy. I was dreaming about Mom last night. It was winter in Wisconsin and she was outside walking with Auntie Dee and she was wearing a full length brown mink coat. She looked like she was in her college days or something with her hair up. Anyhow they were having fun.

We’re thankful for all of you too! Wish everyone was here for Thanksgiving. Today we have some errands like buying flip flops for the boys and new swimsuits for Lori and I as mine is too loose and keeps falling off. This afternoon Lori is going to Francesca’s house (our friends whose kind of a rock god, ha) and then she and 3 girls are going out to dinner at Mama’s Fish House for a girls night out! Should be fun for her. They have a 6:30 reservation (you can never get in to this restaurant except for lunch) so they should be done by 9 or so.

It’s so nice and warm and humid here. Lori loves it for her skin. Sam (Dr. Corenman’s daughter in Ty’s class) arrives Saturday with Dr. C and then will be hanging with the boys for a while. She’s a really nice girl and we think she and Ty might have a little thing going on. We know they’re getting matching henna tatoo’s, ha.

So that’s it. Hope everyone is well. The fires in California are bad as there was smoke everywhere when we landed in San Francisco. Snow in Vail which is nice but the sun and heat is nice too! God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Oh man, my skin never looked and felt better than when in Hawaii. Shelly and Richard had their rehearsal dinner there. I think Ray, Richard’s twin worked there at the time. I remember the fat chef, as dad called him lol, came out and told us it was time to leave and dad was – not exact quote but pretty close – “you god damn fat son of a bitch, we will leave when we are god damn ready”! Got to love it! Anyhoo, have a great time and be careful of the waves, Robert’s neck is still sprained!

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