Today, or this morning, we have Ty’s parent teacher conference. Jag’s is on the 30th I think. We should be done by 8 am. Then Lori’s off to work and I’m off to Eagle and Aspen. Not sure if Ty has school or not. Yesterday he was home sick.

I had to run to Denver yesterday and it was warmer up here than down there. We had snow come in late in the day, especially over at school. Not much if anything on the ground here but Jag was playing soccer in the snow. It looks colder in Denver than up here. The way they talk on the news it sounds like a blizzard in Denver. Gotta love the news.

Jag has a soccer game at 5;30. I guess they shovel off the field. We’ll see if Jag scores in his fourth game in a row! That’d be quite the big deal as it’s not easy to score.

Robi bought a new house! Whoo hoo! Guess she moves in November 9th, congrats!

Looks like 60% of independent voters don’t like the way the Dems handled the Kavanaugh nomination, hmmm. And they think this is a big midterm election boost for them, we’ll see. Now you have Dems saying they’ll impeach the guy. Not sure if you know the process but that is really difficult to do. The political ads on tv right now are all so full of lies and twisted words. Politicians will say and do anything to get elected. It’s so sad what has become of our “leaders” (if you can call them that!) as most if not all of them are only interested in themselves. Wake up people.

Here’s a grainy picture of the boys in snow playing soccer.

Have a great day and God Bless.

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