Spirit Day

Today is Spirit Day at school as it’s Homecoming Weekend. Tonight we have girls volleyball and tomorrow boys soccer before the dance tomorrow night. On Sunday we’re at the college fair in Aspen. So we’re busy busy again. One thing about kids, there’s no down time.

Today is the vote on Judge Kavanaugh. Hopefully it’ll pass as this guy’s a good man that has been trashed and dragged through the mud like no one ever before in the history of our Country. Our society and it’s “me too” moment is a joke. Every single one of us did something at sometime in our life that wouldn’t pass this test. All the Dems have is that this guy supposedly did something, that no one, no one, has corroborated. And wait, breaking news yesterday, he threw ice when he was in high school! OOOOOOO! The latest background check, number 7, still shows nothing. Now of course the Dems are saying the Feds didn’t interview the two people that testified for over 30 hours over 3 days under the penalty of perjury. So the Senators that had hours and hours to ask the accuser and the Judge questions are now saying they need the Feds to do what they didn’t as they were too busy playing politics rather than doing their job. It’s so obvious what the Dems are doing and if anyone does not see that and somehow justifies trashing this guy and saying that without proof, he shouldn’t be confirmed, you ought to just move to a Country where you truly are guilty based on hearsay. If we ever get to the point where we are no longer innocent until proven guilty, God help us. No one should wish for this as that’s what happens in Communist countries and others where you have zero rights. Careful what you wish for. Also it turns out all these protests are staged and funded by George Soros, the Hungarian liberal, One World Government activist that Hungary won’t let back into his own country. And how about the Democratic Senator aide who was arrested for posting home addresses of Republican Senators and their kids info, nice, really nice. I pray to God this guy gets in and the Dems never get power as they’ve shown they will do anything including lie, cheat and destroy a good man and his family to get what they want. You sure didn’t see this when Obama’s two nominees, who are now judges, were nominated. What an embarrassment these people are, to themselves, their families and most of all, our Country.

Oh and here’s one for you, our school, which had celebrations all week, told the kids mid week that they can’t call Hawaiian Shirt Day, Hawaiian Shirt Day and are changing it to Tropical Shirt Day so we don’t offend any Hawaiians! Are you kidding me? What is the World coming to, and by the way, we don’t have any Hawaiians here at school in Vail. Also how do Hawaiian Shirts offend Hawaiians? Good God, help us.

That’s it, now go have a great day and Go Rockies, GB.

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