Tonight the Rockies start their 5 game series against the Brewers. I’m sure we’ll be the underdog again but that’s ok, Go Rockies! First up I have a trade tasting in Denver from about 12 until 3 or 4. I’m heading down this morning to drop our truck off to have a clear bra put on the front before the tasting and run some errands. Lori’s taking the boys to school this morning and has a meeting there also at 3:30. Jag has soccer until 6 as usual and Ty has a ton of homework.

I was in Glenwood, Carbondale and Basalt yesterday where it sure was pretty. Soon it’ll all be covered in white which will last until sometime next April. Homecoming is also coming up this weekend along with a college tour in Aspen which has about 50 representatives from various schools coming to town. So Saturday and Sunday are both tied up, of course, for Lori and I. Oh well, as Mom always said, you do what you have to do. Have a great day, GB.

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