9/11 Never Forget

Not sure if you remember where you were on the morning of 9/11/2001. For me, I remember watching it come on the tv thinking, what’s going on. As soon as the second tower was hit, it was clear this was no accident. Sadly there are still thousands of people fighting for their lives today with illnesses that stem from that day. The World we live in sure has changed, in some ways for the better but it seems in many more, for the worse. We can only hope that some day the senseless hatred between cultures and religions will heal itself.

Jag had his cast replaced yesterday after school and Ty did his best to catch up. Lori and I both worked and today we all have more of the same. I found out I have to go to Florida in late October for a meeting and a dinner. I think I’ll get down to Texas and out to California too in the next month or so. Then hopefully except for a board meeting in Seattle, I’ll be done for the year.

It’s 5;40 now and I’ve been up for about an hour as I had a headache most of the night. Sure hope I’m not getting Ty’s cold as it was a bad one. Oh, Ty saw a bear on Sunday! He watched it cross the river and go up the hill. Bears are common up here but you don’t see them all that much. Lori’s been wanting to see one forever. I’ll post pics tomorrow. Take care and God Bless.

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