This morning, or I should say around noon, we’re off to Aspen. Our friends Jeff and Tina will arrive here around 12 and then we’ll all head out for Aspen. We need to stop at the Sheriff’s Dept. to have Lori’s picture taken to renew her concealed weapons permit (yes she has one) on our way. Then we’ll stop at Whole Foods in Basalt before pulling into Aspen around 2 or 2:30.

Tonight we have the Kickoff Dinner and then tomorrow a lunch and two parties along with dinner at Nobu. On Saturday we have dinner at The Chefs Club in The St. Regis Hotel at their Grand Opening featuring a guest chef from SPQR in San Francisco. It’s been a Michelin Star restaurant for about 10 years in a row so it should be a great evening. My buddy just took over and invited us yesterday. We can’t wait.

The weather will be a bit cooler but we’re ok with that. It’s 70 in Denver right now but there’s a chill in the air up here. It ended up being 86 yesterday though so we’re not worried. Both pups are going to daycare for the next few days.

We have lots to do so I’d better get moving. Lori is already in the shower. She now has every other Wednesday off which is great news! The half days just were not working. That’s it, have a good day, GB.

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