Lori’s coming home!

Yea! Lori’s coming home today! We sure miss her. It seems like 2 weeks that she’s been gone. Today we still have some juggling to do like figuring out how to get Jag and Ty home from school. The plan right now is for Jag to take a taxi and Ty wants to ride his bike. We’ll see as I’m a bit undecided on Ty riding his bike plus we don’t have a lock to lock it up.

Yesterday after Harley waking us in the middle of the night, I dropped her at the vet to have her checked out while I went to the ranch. Turns out she has some bacterial infection from somewhere and is now on antibiotics. Today she’s going for an interview at a doggie daycare where a bunch of dogs play together and spend the day. Only in Vail, right?

I have a call or two and then will head down to Denver to pick up Lori. They had a bunch of hail yesterday and more is forecast for today. It looked like a snowstorm hit the town as everyone was shoveling and snow plows were out.

Jag did well on his tests he thinks and Ty still has some catch up to do. I guess I’d better get going so that’s it, have a great day, GB.

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