Happy Mother’s Day!

Well today of course is bittersweet. It’s a day to celebrate the great Moms like Lori and Dixie, Annette and Ali’s Mom, Robi and Shelly and Tasha (hope I didn’t forget anyone) but it’s obviously a day of some sadness as my Mom (and yours, you know who you are) is not with us today. This is for some reason probably the most difficult day for me since Mom’s been gone. Not so much this morning or hopefully even the actual day but the two weeks or so leading up to it. It seemed like every time I turned on the tv or radio or walked through a store there was something about Mothers Day. I remember many Mother’s Days days specifically with Mom. I remember Tommy always getting her a bunch of roses, I think one for each year old he was. It was a day when we’d usually buy Mom flowers for her garden and have some sort of bbq. We miss her very much and knowing what we or I know now, I would encourage everyone to spend as much time as possible with your Mom and tell her you love her every chance you get.

Speaking of spending time with you Moms, Lori is in Sacramento as she surprised her Mom(s) and flew in yesterday to spend the day with both Dixie and Annette. She planned this about a month ago and managed to keep it a secret from Dixie until she showed up at her door. I guess she was really surprised and said this is the first Mother’s Day Lori has been there since high school! We couldn’t put it in the blog as that would have given away the surprise! We hope they have fun as there’s a lot of festivities planned. I know Annette is coming up too and then they’re all going to a party, whoo hoo! Happy Mother’s Day to both of you, you’re both lucky to have Lori as a daughter as our boys are to have her as a Mom.

Yesterday Ty and I were in Denver at the tournament by 11 am after dropping Lori at the airport. He played 3 games and although they lost all 3 (the teams from the “hood” are much better) but they played well. No one had any expectations of winning but wanted to put up a good fight which they did. We finished around 5 and headed up the hill for home after stopping at Dino’s Italian Restaurant, (where I worked when I was 14 years old!) for some homemade pasta and a pizza and of course, homemade spumoni ice cream. Ty then slept for the whole ride home until we arrived around 6:45.

Jag had been studying all day so Ty and Jag walked into town to shoot some hoops for a break while I fed the dogs and took care of them. Soon it was sundown and they were back and proceeded to watch a movie while I headed up stairs. It’s now 6:45 am and both dogs have had breakfast and been out and I’m going to try to get to the gym.

Hope all you Mom’s have a great day, you deserve it! Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Robi says:

    I love that picture so much! Looks like the little puppy is growing fast, so cute. My theory on why the kids from the hood are always the best players – they don’t have all the luxury’s that others have so all they do is play ball. It was the same back when Billy was in school 10 years ago. Thanks for the call yesterday Doug, appreciate it!

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