A quick visit

We made it to Lori’s party by about 7 pm and stayed for just over an hour. It was really packed and the lines for food were really long. We didn’t eat anything and visited with a few people and then decided to duck out. Both of us left our wallets at home, on purpose as we didn’t need them. We decided to drive home, grab my wallet and head back to town to our favorite French restaurant named Vintage. We ordered some food to go for the boys and had a few appetizers and made reservations for Christmas Eve before heading back home. We both then fell asleep around 10:30.

This morning we’re heading to the gym and then I think we’re off to Aspen for the day. We, or I should say Lori, wrapped some presents for the boys last night. Today we need to get some others ready to go. In 15 minutes we’re off to the gym for 30 minutes before rushing home to shower and get moving.

Still no snow here which is unusual as normally by now the whole mountain is open. This is not good for the hotels, shops and restaurants as the town is really slow. We’re ok with it though as we know winter will come, and when it does, it’ll be here until April. I’d better get moving so have a good Sunday. It’s December 10th, only 3 weeks left in the year, Wow! Take care and GB.

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