Up all night

I picked up the boys from school yesterday as Mom was still at work and the little guy told me he had to go to the clinic twice during the day as he wasn’t feeling well. They were both complaining of a bit of a sore throat in the morning before school. Right then I knew, oh oh, here it comes. You see when you take a few hundred kids and bring them all together after 3 months of summer, it’s like making a big soup with every germ imaginable. Every year right when school starts, kids get sick and this time it caught up with the little guy. His nose is so stuffed he can’t breath through it and he has that heavy cough that goes along with it. Thankfully he doesn’t have a fever but the runny nose and cough was enough to keep him up for most of the night, and us up for all of the night. The misses did take him into his room and went with him so I’d get some sleep but I know she got very little. Looks like he’ll be staying home today and hopefully this will pass quickly.

The oldest one had a good day and was finishing up a week long homework project which is a kind of big poster where he fills in various information about his summer and life. I forget what it’s called but I’m proud to say that one section is titled “My Hero” and he wrote in “My Dad”, or me! He has to put pictures in and then write in the various sections and I feel very honored that he chose me as his hero. Mom of course quipped that she does all the dirty work and of course I’m the hero! Of course she was just kidding as was also very happy he chose me.

Mom had to print some pictures for the poster and the one I took on the first day of school of the two boys is just priceless. I promise we’ll get some more printed and send you each one. I just had to change the channel as I’m getting so pissed off listening to some pundits that act like they’re talking for all of us which could not be further from the truth. I’m trying to stay away from all this crap today for you and I both. Hmmm, what else is going on, oh wait, I know , check this out! Yesterday a friend of mine that runs our distributor in New York City called me from Maine where he and his family are on summer vacation for a few weeks. He called to tell me that this morning I should be on the look out for a box from Fed Ex full of fresh live Maine lobsters! Whoo hoo, lobster, what a treat. I offered to pay for them but he said no way, it was his treat. It’s a good feeling to know that someone you know through work likes you enough personally to go out of his way while on family vacation and send you lobster! After all most business is all about personal relationships. I think this is one of the problems these days as there is little personal trust or relationships between people that do business together. It’s all about who can get the best price rather than who they are. For me, I’d rather pay a little more or get a little less and work with someone I know I can trust. It’s more important to me to know that they’ll do what they say and will listen if I ever have an issue or problem, rather than just getting the best price. I think back to when I was a kid, my dad was so liked, respected and trusted by everyone he did business with, in fact their whole circle of friends were all people he met and knew through work. If you think about it, so are mine as are most peoples. It’s kind of a big statement when someone you know through work sends you a gift with no strings attached. In any case, we’re getting lobster from Maine today! Whoo hoo!

It’s now 6am and I need to hit the gym. It’s still super hot here everyday. We just can’t seem to shake the mid 90’s but at least we’re not starring down at a hurricane. I hope everyone took a little bit away from the post the other day about getting prepared. I’ve been lobbying Grandma to pony up a few thousand dollars to let me buy some larger items I just can’ afford. I figured it out and I can pretty much come up with enough food to feed all of the family members here in Denver for a year for only about $5000. Now this might seem like a lot but think about what you spend on your insurance policies. We alone spend over that just in our household for medical, car and homeowners insurance and if something bad happens, none of those policies will be dropping of food or water at our front door! The say one of the worst potential consequences of the coming hurricane is that the ports might be damaged and then all the grocery stores will run out of food in a matter of days. In fact most are getting picked clean right now by the millions of people who have nothing ready rushing into store buying whatever is left on the shelves. Sorry if it seems like I’m beating a dead horse here but it’s no joke. Trust me, the government will not be there for you in any way shape or form if and when something bad happens. Ok ok, I’ll let it go know, just do me and yourself a favor an buy a  few extra cans of food each time you go grocery shopping. Enough said.

It sounds like the little one went back to sleep and so did Mom. In 10 minutes the oldest will be up getting ready for school. He says his new teacher is tough. I asked how he knew this and he said, “she told us”. Good for her. He also told us yesterday he had a different science teacher and after some questioning we found out he’s been put in an accelerated class. At least they’re “teaching up” as the misses puts it. He also was the only one to finish a complex math test and the teacher said to the class that “he sure loves math”. I think this week being the first, they’re doing a lot of testing and activities to see who knows what and who doesn’t. We know our guys will do fine as they’re extremely smart. (they get that from me, ha ha)

Ok time to run, hope everyone has some fun plans for the weekend. The boys and I have our fantasy football draft Sunday afternoon so we’ll be studying the next two days. Take care, stay safe and God Bless,

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