Today we could get as much as a foot here at the house. Or it could be a couple inches. We’ll just have to wait and see. Vail will probably get a foot, maybe more. I might drive Lori to Vail this morning so she doesn’t get stuck coming home.

Ty is headed to the mountain for the morning as he doesn’t start school until 12:30 today. Jag made it home around 6:30. I’ll probably see him later this week.

The Stock Show starts this weekend. We used to always go when we were kids. We also took the boys when they were young. It’d be nice to go this year, we’ll see.

Had a good three hours at the range yesterday. Was a little cold around 2 but not too bad. Good to stay up on training. Need to get out there at least two times a week for the next couple months. It’s part of my new 2022 regimen. I have a few other new things going on as well.

That’s it, enjoy the day, enjoy each moment! God Bless.

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