Yesterday was a little rainy for most of the day. By the afternoon though it seemed to have stopped and the sun came out. Today it looks like we’re starting off with sun. I guess there were some bad storms in Denver with some damaging wind and rain. It was nothing like that up here.

There were some more protests in Denver but not as large as they have been. On the east coast they seem to have slowed down but in places like L.A. they’re still going. Look, I’m 100% against racism. Hell I’m a child of the 70’s, you know, peace and love and the can’t we all just get along attitude. So I understand that black people are looked at differently and some people including some of you and me take a second glance at a black person when you see one walking down the street at night. But let’s be clear, society and the actions of a small minority of black people have conditioned us to feel that way. It’s a fact that people of color commit a disproportionate number of the crimes which makes society think different about them. Not all people of color are criminals as I have good friends who are black and work for me. As I said yesterday what needs to happen is people of color who lack opportunity and tools such as education, need a hand up. What they don’t need is a hand out. All that’ll do is let them party or buy some stuff and won’t change a thing. To be fair, there are lots of poor white, Latino, American Indian and other races of people that need help too. If I say American Indian, what do you think of? Most people identify them as alcoholic’s as they as a race have a higher percentage of people with drinking problems. Again from a lack of economic opportunity. Most people though don’t see them as a threat. So society does look at black people unfairly if we want to be honest with ourselves. This means work needs to be done and I’m 100% supportive of peaceful protests and hopefully this 2 weeks of mayhem will spur real change and not just be another band aid on a multiple century old problem that started with slavery. The criminal activity though needs to stop.

Up here, lockdown has been a mess and we’re over it. Thankfully things are almost back to normal. Cases do still pop up now and then but nowhere near the rate of a few months ago. Life has to get back to normal.

Today we’re going to try to go shooting. It was too rainy and windy to go yesterday. We did go down to the house and Tom was there installing shelves in the pantry. Ty cleaned his room really well and I’m not sure what Jag did. We might go to Denver today to get some computers for school and buy some beds and nightstands for the boys. We’ll see.

How do you all like my Cowboy Cauldron? I can’t wait for it to arrive. It’ll be like camping every day. Still no response from most of you on any plans for the summer or life. I know it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone or daily routine. I’m trying to challenge the boys to do the same right now and they’re pretty much doing what they do any other day. Don’t you think there has to be more? How about we all start a book club? Anyone interested in all of us reading the same book and then we can talk about it? Might be fun. Probably won’t get any takers here but I’m throwing it out there. I’m open to ideas if anyone has any. How about a family reunion next summer? That’s it, time to go, make it a great day, God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Ok so since you brought it up let me speak my mind! I have never been a racist. These protest are making me think I am becoming one. This entire deal is so much BS I can hardly stand it anymore. Has nothing to do about race and it sickens me that we are playing along with this shit! Police officers kneeling, hugging these thugs. WTF!!!!
    I don’t think even peaceful protest should be allowed. I don’t think anyone should die at the hands of the police, I’m not saying that, but they are making this thug (George) a hero. No hero to me, not a role model! Anyhoo, I’m down with a reunion!

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