Wonder how many posts I’ve started with TGIF. Well this time I mean it! It’s been a long week or month or year and we just need a break. As far as we can tell, outside of lunch and dinner tomorrow, we don’t have much going. Ty does want to go to Granby Sunday for the mountain bike race but we’ll see how much homework he has.

I’m off at 7 this morning and Jag leaves school for Denver at 2:30 for a soccer game and Ty has Gaming Club until 6 pm. So we’re busy again. Not sure what we have going on tonight, hopefully nothing. I know Lori wants to go to a movie but we’ll see. Time to get moving, take care, God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Go see Hustlers with JLO, we loved it, how can ya not love JLO!

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