Memorial Day

Today doesn’t mean much to the younger generation except another day to party. I’m not sure where the cut off is between those that understand the meaning of freedom and the sacrifices that those no longer with us paid, and more importantly, what for. It’s really heartbreaking to read that 40% of young people like socialism. Apparently they didn’t pay attention in school. Anyhow say a prayer for all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and a big thank you to all those that served.

Yesterday we took off around noon and dropped Ty at Ben’s around 1:15. Then Lori and I headed to Tina’s to drop some wine before heading to the mall to pick up her guard ring that was being repaired. Then it was back to the party. We stayed until about 6 and saw lots of friends. They throw good party’s. They had a food truck most people liked but Lori’s burger wasn’t too good. Anyhow it was fun.

We made it home by 8 and apparently there was some thunder and Mojo ran upstairs and peed right when we got home, ugh. We cleaned it up and hit the hay, as they say.

Today we’re not sure what we’re doing. Maybe we’ll go to breakfast. The dogs have had theirs and been up the hill. Here’s a picture of Jag and Emma, a couple of him and his buddies, one of a bunch of them and my new bike which is amazing as they’ve come a long way! Jag’s one good looking kid! Note all the snow, unbelievable. Lori has the pictures of Ty on her phone I’ll have to get, enjoy and God Bless.

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  1. Blondie says:

    Love the pics! Everyone looks great along with the bike

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