Safe and sound

We received two emails, one about each class, letting us know the kids had arrived at their destinations safe and sound. Now they say no news is good news. All students must give up their cell phones upon arrival and no computers or other electronics were allowed. I did get the boys each a GoPro to record video of their trip. Ty said he was going to be a professional blogger and record a lot. For Jag we had to get him a solar charger so he could recharge during the trip otherwise he’d only have two hours of video. I’m sure they’re both having a blast, or at least we hope so.

Today is the Super Bowl. We don’t really care and will spend most of the day probably cleaning. We had a 3 hour meeting with Tom our builder yesterday. We cut some things like in floor radiant heating (except in our bathroom) which saved over $50,000! We also knocked out some windows, eliminated some stonework, changed some flagstone outside to concrete, swapped the closet and pantry, eliminated an upstairs deck off one of the boys bedrooms (which we determined no one would use anyhow), lengthend the garage and a few other minor things to finalize our design. Tom thinks we can start in March and could/should be in by Thanksgiving. We’re shooting for Halloween! Keep your fingers crossed.

Lori is sleeping and both dogs have had breakfast. No snow up here. I thought the news said it would be coming down hard up here but it must be south of us. Guess I’ll get moving. Be safe, be well and enjoy the day, and God Bless.

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