One arrived, one off

Ty made it to Costa Rica and Jag is at the gate getting ready to take off. Lori woke up right on time without a clock, must be the mother thing she has going on. We think Jag slept in a bit but received a text that they were walking into the airport at 5:40 and they were suppose to be there at 5:45 so they couldn’t have been that late.

Yesterday I had to run down to Denver and was back by 1. The rest of the day was spent getting Jag ready and packed to be picked up at 4. Rose (Sammy’s mom and Dr. C’s ex wife) ran late though and finally showed up just after 6! They then made it to dinner around 8 and went to dinner before getting a few hours of sleep. Luckily he didn’t oversleep, that much, and is about ready to go.

So now Lori and I are alone for a week, or at least the next 6 days. We have plenty to do around here and will start today. Around 11 we’re meeting with our builder to go over the budget. I’m sure we’ll be cutting here and there to stay within our price. Lots to do to build a house. It’s quite the experience but in the end hopefully it’ll all be worth it. The upside is you get exactly what you want. Sometimes though you don’t know “exactly what you want”, ha.

It’s 6:45 and we’re headed to the gym. Lori has laundry going and the dogs are fed. Hope everyone is well, have a great weekend and God Bless.

Here’s a picture of Jag and Emma from the other night!

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