Turning the corner

Thankfully this morning I seem to be turning the corner on my cold. It was never a full blown bad mama jama cold but rather one where I could have gone either way. Luckily I think I’m headed back towards feeling better.

Jag visited CU and Mines yesterday as I said and he liked them but I think liked DU better. Ty shadowed at Vail Christian but thinks he likes VMS better. That’s good news as it took me 90 minutes to go get him and then drive to the other end of the valley to get Jag. Lori cut her workout short for a 9 am meeting that was cancelled 6 minutes before it was scheduled to begin. And me, well I took it easy most of the day trying to kick the aforementioned cold.

Today I’m off to Denver and Longmont. Jag has volleyball at Chatfield in Denver from 5 until 8 pm, meaning he’ll get home around 11, ugh, Ty has an after school work program from 4 to 5 and Lori is going to Denver later this morning on her own for a doctor appt. So, we’re all busy busy.

It’s 5:42 now so time to go. It’s going to be in the 70’s today in Denver but snow will be back next week. Hope you all are well, take care and GB.

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