Happy Birthday Lori

Today is Lori’s birthday, whoo hoo. We have a busy day around here. I’m off to Denver, Jag has college exams at 6pm, Lori has two meetings and Ty has school. It’s nice up here befitting Lori’s birthday. She really doesn’t want to eat any cake but the boys insisted I get one so I ordered up her favorite gluten free cake from a great bakery in Denver. We had Chinese food last night and I shouldn’t have eaten it but boy was it good. Even though I was at the gym yesterday, I probably still gained a few pounds.

I need to leave in an hour so I’d better get moving. Lori’s car gets dropped off first and then it’s across town to the distributor, then to the mall, then to Arvada and then Golden and then up the hill. I need to get back up by 3 to get the boys. I think we’re going to dinner tomorrow night since Jag has tests at 6pm tonight. In any case, Happy Birthday Lori!


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  1. Tom says:

    Happy Birthday, love Tom & Ali

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