Off to Steamboat

This morning at 7, Ty and I are headed out to Steamboat. I was going to go all the way to the ranch but that’ll have to wait a few days as I have a meeting that came up back in Vail at noon. Maybe I’ll head over tomorrow.

Yesterday I managed to get a lot of work done, as well as give the front closet and kitchen a deep clean. I must have thrown away 20 pair of old shoes, along with 20 pounds of dog hair from the front closet. We had one pair of Ty’s cowboy boots that he grew out of so fast, they still looked new. I couldn’t bring myself to throw them out so I put them in Lori’s car. Later we decided to have mexican food for dinner and we have the best mexican food ever, right down the street. You know it’s good when 99% of the people eating there are mexicans! Any how it occurred to me to ask the girl at the counter if anyone had a son who wears size 6 (Ty’s now a size 8!). The wife cooking (it’s a husband and wife owned restaurant), said in broken english, “yes my son is size 6”. So I went out to the car and grabbed the almost new pair of Twisted X (that’s the brand) boots and brought them in. You would have thought she won the lottery she was so excited. I’m sure this kid will be wearing the nicest pair of boots the family owns. It was good to pass them on to someone who not only needs them but appreciates them.

Today we’ll clean some more and maybe take a hike. Monday and Wednesday I’m back in Big D and at the end of the week, our presells are over. It’s getting cooler each day which is great although it’s still hot during the day. It’s now 6am so I’d better get moving. Hope all’s well, have a good weekend, no, have a great weekend, and God Bless.

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