Soccer and Octoberfest

At 9am this morning we have another soccer game and then it’s off to Octoberfest. Throw in the Bronco game tomorrow and the weekend is busier than the week!

I picked up the boys after soccer practice yesterday and by the time we arrived home, Lori was there waiting for us. We decided to all go to sushi fir dinner so we drove down valley to Edwards and sat at a nice table outside at Sato, one of our local sushi restaurants.

After that we came home around 7pm and hung out the rest of the evening. My back is getting better and I think Lori’s is too. Her MRI shows she has like 4 slipped discs but the Doc thinks a little TLC should do the trick, Thank God!

Mojo is in and both boys are still fast asleep at 7 am. Time to run so I can get some coffee, have a great weekend, GB.

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