What a fun party

Yesterday we arrived in Aspen about 11:30 at our friends house after stopping at the Ranch to change clothes. We loaded up Greg, Peter and Patricia in our truck and headed out for the 37th Annual Aspenblow Party. This party has been put on by a bunch of wealthy locals for 37 years (that’s why it’s called the “annual” party, ha ha) at the top of Ajax Mountain but on the backside. Ajax is the main ski mountain in the town of Aspen photo 2but to get to the backside, you have to drive around it and then go about 6 miles up a steep bumpy dirt road. Once we neared the top, we were met by security guys to check who you are as its invitation only. I managed to talk my way into parking right where the party was rather than along the road and then walking a few football fields up the steep road. Lucky for my knee!

Right out in the middle of the mountain full of photo copy 2wildflowers was a band, a large wooden dance floor, a bunch of tents, the caterers cooking up great bbq, assorted tables, chairs and hay bales and of course the bar, all spread around the meadow at 11,000 feet high. The vistas of the mountains behind us were amazing. If you looked up the hill just a little towards the town you could see the lodge at photo 2the top of Aspen Mountain Ski Area. Looking the other way you saw unspoiled mountains that looked rugged and untouched for thousands of years.photo 3

The party lasted until 4pm when we loaded up in my truck (thank God we  drove the truck) and headed down the hill. We made it back to Greg and Billie’s and visited a while before heading back to the Ranch. We made it there by 6pm andphoto copy photo 3knowing all the heavy traffic on Sunday’s, decided to just throw our stuff in the truck and head home. Had we known the rain we were going to run into, we probably would have spent the night. Anyhow we were home by 9:30. The boys went to Uncle T’s but Ty spent most of the day with Ben. Jag stayed at Tom and Ali’s and I went across the street and brought Ty home with us. Aunt Ali thoughtfully put Mojo’s bed in the kitchen for Lacey but didn’t know it was full of some creepy crawling bugs! I first smelled wet dog and then the misses pointed out the bed so I picked it up and threw it out only to find a bunch of bugs scurrying here there and everywhere! Sweet sentiment on Aunt Ali’s part though. I finally chased them all down and cleaned up and we were in bed by 10pm.

So a fun party, a long drive and good to be home. Rain today which is nice and I think we’re cleaning up the house. Take care and God Bless.

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